With slaked lime you'll get a long-lasting whitewash

Are you also tired of whitewashing your house every year? With Rødvig slaked lime the surface on your house can last up to 15 years.

In 1976, we founded KALK A/S to slake lump lime in the old natural way without additives and store it in lime pits. At that time, matured slaked lime had almost disappered from the market in favour of the dry hydrated lime and tamped lime. Tamped lime is also manufactured from dry hydrated lime and is tamped for a few minutes, after which it is ready for use.

Rødvig slaked lime is burned lime slaked and stored in a lime pit for at least a year. The advantage of the matured slaked lime is that it is pulverized in a natural way, causing the lime milk and limewater to adhere better and creates a viscous and elastiv mortar. The longer it matures, the better it becomes.

Rødvig slaked lime is manufactured from lime (CaCO3), which can be found below ground level at Stevns and in Fakse. It is quarried and pulverized into lump lime smaller than 2-3 cm, after which it is burned in a lime kiln which is heated to approximately 1200° degrees, causing the carbon dioxide CO2 to be drived out, and only the burned lime (CaO) remains.

We buy the burned lime from Faxe Kalk A/S. It is brought to our pit where we mix it with clean water. The burned lime lumps then become a thin white liquid, consisting of calcium hydroxide Ca (OH)2. The slaked lime is then pumped off to empty pits.

After approximately 24 hours, the white pigments deposit, and by using a water pump, the lime water ca be re-used for further slaking.

The lime is now stored in our pits for about 2 years, wherein it further pulverizes into fine particles - down to less than 0,01 mm. By comparison, the particle size of the tamped lime is more than 15 times larger.  

Rødvig slaked lime is used for common lime washing, coloured lime washing, lime water and Rødvig slaked lime mortar. It would be beneficial to use lime, which has been matured for at least five years, for particularly demanding tasks, such as renovation mortar and for plaster work on old historical buildings of unhewn stones or soft hand-moulded tiles to which very calcareous mortars have been used.

Our extra-matured slaked lime is manufactured in the same way as Rødvig slaked lime, without additives, which results in a better and more natural combination with old mortars and unhewn stones.