Skandinavisk Jura-Kalk is now named KALK A/S

So far we have mainly worked with conservation of the culture in the built environment and are experts in the field. We’re going to continue this work but we have recently been concerned about connecting our work with cultural preservation with a new sustainability trend in new construction where we experience a greater demand for our lime products. The old building traditions contain some elements, which have become relevant again due to the increasing focus on our environment and society. Therefore, we find that there is a great potential in binding the two worlds together. As part of this new strategy we have decided to change our name to KALK A/S, develop a new visual identity and launch a new website. This new identity better resembles our activities and with the new website we hope to serve visitors better and make it easier for them to buy our products.

We have initiated a number of projects in regard to our new identity. We’re about to get a Cradle to Cradle certification of our entire product line, which will lead to full product transparency in order to provide people with comprehensive details about the product’s composition. In addition, we’re developing new mortars, which utilizes lime mortars from dismantled houses. We have developed a Cradle to Cradle Roadmap on how we create products that will benefit people and the environment. 

With our new identity we focus even more on a healthy and sustainable building culture with products of a high quality. Products that will make the buildings more flexible, breathable and resource-efficient. We want to contribute to the creation of better buildings that we want to preserve in the future. Furthermore, we want to become even better at restoring existing buildings.