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REN Exterior Paint
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Product Description

REN Exterior Paint is a high-quality, environmentally certified limewash paint for outdoor use. This Exterior paint is a professional alternative to both acrylic and silicate paint and is suitable for buildings where an open facade treatment and sustainable solution are required.

The main constituent of REN Exterior Paint is lime (CL90-PL). The paint contains no organic solvents, no preservatives (MI and MIC), no phthalates, no biocides/fungicides, no heavy metals and no microplastic. REN Exterior Paint is available in more than 200 different NCS colors. Please check all the colors by clicking the "choose color" button.

Product Features

REN Exterior Paints has unique technical and environmentally friendly features, is highlyopen to diffusion (Class 1), offers extremely good coverage and application properties. The product has a matt and textured finish similar to traditional limewash. It can be used on concrete, exposed brickwork with flat joints and render and masonry irrespective of whether it's lime- or cement-based.

Field of Application

For outdoor use on all untreated mineral bases and on previously painted surfaces with old layers of paint such as e.g. silicate paint.


REN Exterior Paint is available in 4-litre and 10-litre plastic buckets with tight-fitting lids.

Additional Information

KALK A/S has been the market leader for many years with products used for renovation of conservation and listed buildings among others. The products can also be used for new construction because of the good physical properties of the material:

  •     Great flexibility in use
  •     Great elasticity and adhesion
  •     High tensile strength
  •     Good porosity, which provides excellent insulation and moisture conditions.

We have extensive experience in assisting clients in the use of our products. The technical guidance, which we can offer, merely serves to aid you with experiences. Therefore, we do not take on the responsibility of being planning technicians. With regards to renovation work, we can refer to technicians who are familiar with renovation work on buildings worthy of preservation.


REN Exterior Paint can be applied using a brush, roller or airless paint sprayer. Surfaces should be clean, dry and fixed without significant smudging. remove previous film treatment prior to painting. Remove any mould, mildew and algae with Alli Væk. Fill small cracks and minor damage with REN Putty. Base-coat absorbent surfaces with REN Exterior Paint diluted with 10-15% water. Apply REN Exterior Paint 1-2 times. A second layer may be applied after four hours at a temperature of 25°C and at 60% RH. If grinding is required, suitable safety equipment should be used and a vacuum cleaner should be attached to the grinding equipment. Always carry out a test application before commencing work.

Please note that the product becomes thicker and more difficult to pump at lower temperatures.

Spray angle: 30º
Spray distance: 50-60 cm
Nozzle size: 0,027 i.
Minimum sprayer strength: 1750 W
Machine filter: 30-40 mesh.

Limitations on use
Mineral bases must be at least 28 days old/be dried white before paint application is commenced. Brick facades must be at least 2 years old and joints must be filled. REN Exterior Paint with color must only be applied at temperatures above +5°C and below +25°C. Humidity must be below 80% RH. The product should not be applied in direct sunlight or if there is a risk of heavy or prolonged rain or night frost. Do not use REN Exterior Paint on surfaces that are in continuous contact with water or on horizontal surfaces. Damp problems must be resolved before paint application commences. REN Exterior Paint does not prevent bleed-through of water-soluble colors, water stains or salts. High pigmentation may produce minor differences in color. Finishing paintwork at corners or other transition points is therefore recommended. Any spot repairs with REN Exterior Paint will be noticeable. Base must be resistant to high alkalinity. Surfaces that are not being treated, e.g. glass, natural stone, metal etc., must be covered.


Shelf life of a minimum of 12 months under cool, but frost-free storage conditions in tightly closed original packaging. REN Exterior Paint can be thickned without losing its properties. Always stir paint before use. Avoid dried paint from the inside of the bucket falling into remaining paint.


Clean tools with water immediately after use.

You can find product sheet and safety data sheet for REN Exterior Paint by clicking on the image below