Tarred Flax (8 kg)

Tarred Flax (8 kg)
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Kraka Tarred flax is 100% pure flax, - carded and treated with tar. A pure natural product.

Kraka-flax has been tested by the Danish Technological Institute in Taastrup, which report of 6 February 1985 states: "Tarred Kraka-flax with OQF impregnation shows a potent inhibitory effects on growth of mold fungus."

It is estimated that tarred Kraka-flax with OQF impregnation in a concentration of 1.5% protects against mold fungus for 40 years under normal conditions. Moisture, heat and darkness gives fungus. So it is fungus season throughout the year, the construction industry's problem over the past 20 years - with numerous expensive repair costs.

Kraka-flax is provided in 8 kg = ca. 35 linear meters, or 30 kg = approx 130 linear meters.


After the doors and windows are securely fastened with at least 1 cm space all the way around, the grouts should be sealed with tarred flax. The tarred flax must be pressed into until about 3 cm from the outside of the window after which the remainder of the grouts should be sealed with a hydraulic lime mortar which is then pressed firmly against the tarred flax as possible.