Algaecide - Alli væk

Algaecide - Alli væk
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Product Description  

Algaecide - Alli Væk is an effective means to prevent algae and light attack of lichen and moss.

Field of application

Algaecide - Alli Væk is used to clean masonry and woodwork. Algaecide - Alli Væk used before liming / paint avoiding algae materialize the new lime / paint. Alagecide - Alli Væk can be used on masonry, roofing sheets, baseboards, basement stairs / tiles etc


Algaecide - Alli Væk comes in a 5 liter canister.


Algaecide - Alli Væk is diluted 1: 5 with water. By severe attacks can diluting with 1: 3 water be necessary. Algaecide - Alli Væk is applied by spraying or brushing. After 7-14 days the algal coating will be gone. The algae can also be brushed off 2-3 days after the application of Algaecide - Alli Væk.