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Rødvig2Comp KKh 20/80/475

Product Description

Rødvig2Comp KKh 20/80/475 is a ready-manufactured 2-component lime mortar consisting of 2 parts Rødvig Jurassic Mortar Kh 100/400 (dry) and 1 part Rødvig slaked lime mortar K 100/750 (wet).

Rødvig2Comp KKh 20/80/475 can also be delivered as coloured Jurassic mortar. This coloured mortar consists of 2 parts Rødvig Jurassic Mortar Kh 100/400 (dry) and 1 part Rødvig slaked lime mortar (wet) with soaked colours. When colouring mortars, the lime-proof colour pigments should soak for at least 24 hours before being stirred and used. If the colours are added in Rødvig Jurassic Mortar KKh, the soaking is only able to take place during those 20 minutes that the mixture on the construction site takes. We strongly advise against this. In our 2-component mortar, the colour pigments has been soaked and stirred in a wet Rødvig slaked lime mortar for at least 24 hours before it is mixed with Rødvig Jurassic Mortar. This means that the colour pigments will be soaked optimally.

Field of Application

Rødvig2Comp 20/80/475 is suitable for plastering and pointing, bricklaying of tile and unhewn stones, for laying ridge tiles and hip tiles, as well as laying roof tiles on masonry and ridges. Furthermore, it can be used for interior floors of tile and unhewn stones.


Rødvig2Comp KKh 20/80/475 is stored and sold in sets (3 x 25 kg) (3 x 15 litres). For large projects, we can deliver in Big Bags or silo. For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Additional Information

KALK A/S has been the market leader for many years with products used for renovation of conservation and listed buildings among others. The products can also be used for new construction because of the good physical properties of the material: 

  • Great flexibility in use
  • Great elasticity and adhesion
  • High tensile strength
  • Good porosity, which provides excellent insulation and moisture conditions

We have extensive experience in assisting clients in the use of our products. The technical guidance, which we can offer, merely serves to aid you with experiences. Therefore, we do not take on the responsibility of being planning technicians. With regards to renovation work, we can refer to technicians who are familiar with renovation work on buildings worthy of preservation.  





The mixing of Rødvig2Comp KKh 20/80/475 is done by using a compulsory mixing machine. Make sure that the mixing time is 20 minutes. The slaked lime component is emptied in the compulsory mixing machine, and the dry jurassic mortar component without colour is added. A whisk (500-800 watt) on a drilling machine can be used for smaller portions.


The underlying surface must be thoroughly cleaned. Loose particles and plaster flakes must be removed. To achieve the best adhesion when plastering and the like, the surface has to be rough and absorbent. Watering down the base is usually necessary when plastering.

Limitations of Use

Ready-mixed mortars should normally be used within a few hours. Freezing point depressants or other additives should not be added. Once the mortar is mixed, you should no longer add binders, aggregates or water. 

You should only work with the mortar when the temperature is above +5° and below +25°. If the mortar is used as a plastering mortar, the thickness of the layer should not exceed 2-3 times the maximum grain size per workflow. If the thickness of the layer is coming out too thick, there is a risk of cracking. 


Products in bags should be stored in a dry environment raised from the ground on pallets with ventilation on all sides. This is so that condensation is avoided.



Safety Data Sheet

You can find the safety data sheet for Rødvig Jurassic Mortar and the different color pigments by clicking on the image below.