Article concerning KALK on, 20.10.2015

"KALK A/S receives Cradle to Cradle Certification"

KALK mentioned on, September 2015 

"Natural products and sustainability is the perfect match and the chosen way forward for the lime producer KALK A/S from Stevns. The opputinity to buy bio natural gas certificates from DONG Energy is a step in the right direction."

Dong Energy

Article concerning KALK's lime mortar in The Environmental Newspaper on page 5, June 2015

"If KALK, who produces mortar for 100% recycling, could decide, we should no longer use cement in Danish new construction. A Cradle to Cradle certification is going to ensure a product range that can be re-used over and over again for the benefit of the people and the environment"

Miljøavis Hvidovre

KALK mentioned on, 2015

"Cradle to Cradle certified lime mortar from KALK A/S is going to make buildings of the future heathier to live in and easier to recycle"


The campaign 'We are whitewashing' mentioned in 'Boligavisen Varde' on the 28.04.15

"The company KALK has launched a campaign, which aims to turn the spotlight on whitewashing as a craft" 

Boligavisen Varde

Rasmus Jørgensen on national TV in 'DR1 Vores vejr' on the 21.04.15

Rasmus talks about, among other thing, why you should whitewash and about the ideal weather for whitewashing. 

DR1 Vores Vejr

Rasmus Jørgensen mentionen on on the 21.04.15

It is cheap to whitewash - if you do it the right way. 

Screen Shot 2015 04 21 At 144457

KALK mentioned on on the 16.04.15

"We have to stop using cement in new construction in Denmark". 


KALK mentioned in the article 'The Danes must start whitewashing' 

"In collaboration with the company KALK, the associations launches a number of local initiatives in order to get the Danes to rediscover the many qualities of liming"

Bygningskultur Danmark 

KALK mentioned in the article 'Take out your limer and fix the old town houses', 14.04.15

"If the whitewashing is done the right way, it can last up to 12 years". 


KALK in the magazine ARKITEKTEN #3, march 2015  

The building material of the future is now called: LIME. 


KALK mentioned in 'Stevns Erhvervsråd' on the 02.12.14

KALK named 'Business of the Month' in Stevns. 

Erhvervsraad Stevns

KALK mentioned in 'Building Supply' on the 29.09.2014

KALK wants to make new buildings greener.  

Building Supply 1400X700 

KALK mentioned in 'Stevnsbladet' on the 19.09.2014

KALK has received over 1 million DKK from Region Zealand to further develop their traditional lime based mortar. 

Stevnsbladet 1400X700

KALK mentioned on the 'Danish Business Authority' website on the 28.01.2014

KALK wants to develop a new green business model.