Our History

KALK A/S was founded in 1996 because we during the renovation of the local church realized that the old familiar high-quality lime based products were being forgotten. With KALK A/S we wanted to slake lime in the old natural way and store this in pits. We also discovered that many other suitable products for renovation, such as hydraulic lime, genuine earthen colours and good suitable sand, were disappearing from the Danish market.

We resolved the issue of this shortage by marketing Scandinavian Jurassic lime from Switzerland, French earthen colours and suitable quartz sand from the Danish cleft Grejsdalen.

In 1986 the family of Michael Kjøng Jørgensen bought all shares in the company and at the same time, we started working closer together with the jurassic lime factory in Switzerland, which led to sole representation of jurassic lime in all of Scandinavia and a great part of Germany. 

In September 1989, we moved to new premises at »Kronhøj«, 4660 Store Heddinge.

In 1992, one of Michael’s two sons, Rasmus Kjøng Jørgensen, bought 25 % of the stocks. He has been permanently employed since 1989 and he has “watched from the sidelines” from the beginning.

At “Kronhøj” in 1995, new premises were designed to accomidate course activities for technicians and workmen who work professionally with the use of lime based products. 

In 2002 Michael Kjøng Jørgensen died after a long period of illness. Lise and Rasmus continued to run the business in the same way as before and preparations were made for Rasmus to take over the entire company. In November 2004, Rasmus Kjøng Jørgensen bought the last stocks and now owns 100 % of the company. Lise is still working at the office and is on the board. 

On July 1st 2005, the company bought a new property on Bredeløkkevej 12, 4660 St. Heddinge, as we had outgrown our old facilities. The new property was renovated so that we could move in on January 1st 2006. Today we have some fine office facilities, warehouse and production facilities, as well as a course room in which we can teach up to 30 persons at a time.

Today we also manufacture various types of mortar on request, such as pit lime mortar, slaked mortar, Scandinavian jurassic-hydraulic mortar, fine plaster and various types of coloured mortar, coloured lime water, coloured lime milk, coloured sand lime and coloured fine plaster etc.

We still sell many parts of different materials which workmen can mull on the construction site. We emphasise this a lot, as we consider it very important that as many people as possible familiarise themselves with the composition of the materials.

Our products are sold to registered workmen and distributors of construction materials.