Order colour samples

You can get coloured mortars for plastering and pointing in the shades you desire, which will give your house's facade a deep and soft colour. Sand lime and lime milk in the same shade as the facade are suitable as a basis for a subsequent treatment.  

Before you get started with plastering and pointing, you can order colour samples of the mortar and test it on the relevant base in order to find the right shade. Is your facade already plastered with coloured mortar, you can send us a sample of the current colour and we will do our best to mix a mortar as similar to the existing as possible. 

If your house previously has been refurbished with our mortar products, it is very likely that we already have information on how the colour is mixed. 

We recommend that you order our 2-component mortar, Rødvig2Comp KKh 35/65/500 or Rødvig2Comp KKh 20/80/475, as a coloured mortar. The slaked lime will be delivered as a wet mortar, which ensures that the pigments will be probably soaked, thus colour stability. 

You mix the slaked lime with a clean Jurassic mortar in the proportion according to the work you have to do. 

You'll find our colour samples by clicking on the banner to the right.