GDPR (Personal Data Security)

Information about personal data security

As a result of the new Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law, KALK A/S will explain how and when we collect data from you and how we treat them.
You can access the site: without having to provide any kind of personal data. But in order for KALK A/S to be able to trade with you, we will have to access a number of information that will lead to the simplest purchase process for both parties. This information is:

• Name/contact person
• Phone number
• Email
• Possibly. VAT number
• Billing/Delivery Address

KALK A/S will at all times respect and take into account the confidentiality of specific personal data, if desired, including personal information such as name, company, etc. If the above items do not come to KALK A/S's acquaintance, KALK A/S may reserve the right to reject the order.

KALK A/S collects data when you:
• Creates an account, either through our web shop, email or by phone
• Sign up for our newsletter
• Performs a purchase, possibly. without account creation
• Sending inquiries or contacting KALK A/S
• Provides personal information to KALK A/S eg. by order changes or delivery times

KALK A/S collects only the information necessary to complete a potential trade. KALK A/S will never disclose personal information to unauthorized third parties.

What is your information used for?
KALK A/S collects your information and personal information because we want to make your experience with us the best possible. Such as.:
• To tailor/personalize your experience on our newsletter
• To tailor/personalize your experience on our website
• to provide you with the best customer service
• Provide order acceptance and order shipments as simple and simple as possible
• Follow-up to inquiries to KALK A/S received either. e-mail or by telephone
• for marketing projects

Who gets your personal information?
The information provided by telephone, by mail or via the website is only disclosed to:
• Internal departments, including sales department and bookkeeping
• Trusted third parties that are essential for the execution of the deal, or who are directly related to this, for example. caretaker or debt collection company.
• Collaborators whose task is to maintain your account.

The above 3 points are handled by trusted departments/people acting exclusively and acting on behalf of KALK A/S.

KALK A/S makes every effort to convey relevant content to our visitors on our website. That is why we use daily effort on Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Here, IP addresses will be passed to Google Analytics, which will automatically be accepted by using Google's search engine.

How long do we keep your personal information?
If you choose to terminate your cooperation with KALK A/S, we will not continue to keep your personal information. Your email will be removed from the news email, but as a result of the Posting Money Laundering Act, we will keep your transaction data including. contact information and company information for 5 years.

Changing your information
You can change your information at any time. We will never contact you unless you have authorized it in advance. You can always change your account information and interest areas, for example, if you no longer want a quote on goods or just want to unsubscribe from our news email. (Unsubscribe may be via link in the news email). If you would like to know what information we have registered about you and / or your company, please call us at +45 56 50 30 00 or send an e-mail to

Note: Data required for storage, eg. company name and/or transactions can/must NOT be deleted before earliest after 5 years due to the Posting Money Laundering Act.

Security breach
Should it happen unlikely that KALK A/S is in breach of a security breach, we are obliged to inform you, but also the Data Inspectorate. However, only if it includes your personal data. This will happen within 72 hours after the security breach.


Data Protector Officer:
Hans Holmstrøm