New C2C lime mortar

KALK has received over 1 million DKK from Region Zealand to further develop our traditional lime based prescribed mortar so it becomes a sustainable 2-component functional mortar where we recycle stone and mortar. This specially designed lime mortar will make it possible to seperate the masonry again when breaking it down and thus re-use all of the materials.

Since the 1960s cement mortar has been the most demanded mortar as it's stronger than lime mortar. The cement bind the mortar and brick together too strongly, which makes it difficult to seperate them again. The only real option for recycling is to crush all of the masonry and use it as road fill and foundations.    

The building constructions are now so strong that they don't need the strength of cement mortar. With our new lime based mortar, which doesn't bind as strongly, it will be easier to seperate the masonry and recycle all the constituent parts. In this way, they'll be part of a closed sustainable circuit. Furthermore, it'll be easy to work with our new mortar since it'll be thicker than the traditional mortar and have a greater flexibility where the house will be able to move without damaging the masonry.

Currently, our lime mortars are primilary used in the renovation process of churches, castle, manor houses and other old buildings. We hope that we with our new mortar will be able to enter the market for new buildings where it will be the cornerstone of future brick buildings. Not only will it be sustainable but also profitable since the materials are part of a closed resource circuit in which there value is maintained. 

Our aim is to get the new mortar C2C certified.