First in the World

We want to contribute to changing and developing the "throwaway culture" that the current construction industry is undergoing. Therefore, we have increased our focus on sustainability and gone one step further - we are currently in the process of getting a C2C certification of our entire product line. With a C2C certification of our products we'll be able to document all constituent parts of them, whereby it'll be easier to recycle. We want to become the world's first Cradle to Cradle certified supplier of lime products.

Since our products are based on lime, which is a raw material, some of the components are biodegradable and therefore already part of the biological circuit through which they can be returned to nature. Our vision is that the products also become part of a technical cycle where they are renovated, reused or improved, so that they can be incorporated into new products. 

In this way, there's no need to take in as much of the lime in the subsoil. Futhermore, we can save energy in the production process and transportation of new products. We hope to close this resource circuit by year 2030 so all of the products used in masonry construction will be reused. In this way, the lime can become part of a never-ending cycle, where the raw materials maintain the quality and create value far beyond the individual product's lifetime. 

You can see our plan for how we're going to reach our goal and close the recource cycle by 2030 below.  

C2C Roadmap Engelsk